Power of DigitalBlast





Empower exploration and innovation beyond Earth by providing comprehensive support from conducting scientific experiments to exploring commercial ventures.

Our team boasts a strong track record of working with organizations like JAXA and other space agencies. By integrating DB Group's consulting and media services, we provide multifaceted value.

Insights and accomplishments based on a deep understanding of JAXA activities

  • Planning and execution support for the ISS Kibo Utilization Symposium.
  • Support for the Space Exploration Innovation Hub project.
  • Various research achievements related to the utilization of satellite data.
  • Development support achievements for lunar rovers.

Knowledge of the utilization of the International Space Station (ISS) and others through innovative business

  • Promotion of business using a small life science experimental device (gravity generation device) aimed at private space station concepts and ISS installation.
  • Network and connect with space-related experts to accelerate business promotion.
  • Knowledge of various procedures and transportation arrangements for the installation of equipment and devices on the ISS.

Conception and execution ability of new businesses by DX and strategic consulting talents

  • The affiliated company DigitalBlastConsulting develops DX and strategic consulting businesses based on space and terrestrial data utilization.
  • Experienced consultants support business promotion through planning, execution, and alliance formation of new businesses.

Planning and execution ability of events, advertising, and marketing

  • In addition to planning and managing events such as the "ISS・Kibo Utilization Symposium" hosted by JAXA, we also host our space event "SpaceLINK."
  • We also independently operate space-related media (news sites, YouTube), with staff skilled in video production, interviewing, and writing.